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  • My vocabulary does not have enough superlatives to describe your professional and personal extraordinary & timely disposition of my coin collection.

    Ken E.

  • Many dealers have been helpful to me over the years; none more consistently accessible, honest and professional than Pinnacle Rarities.

    Paul N.

  • In my experience over the last five years you guys offer the most consistent quality material with the best value.

    Stefan H.

  • You guys are the best in the business. Heck, where else can I find a superb selection of eye appealing coins?

    Larry O.

  • You have become my #1 supplier. I rarely look elsewhere.

    Don S.

  • Pinnacle Rarities is truly a breath of fresh air in a world which is somewhat questionable at times. My sincere appreciation for being the first class folks that you are.

    Ken L.

  • I don’t know how you end up with the nicest quality coins show after show. Your prices for what you offer are simply unbeatable.

    David M.

  • Your next day service is wonderful. Your presentation is unique. I think every one should experience doing business with Pinnacle. I certainly enjoyed my experience.

    William R.

  • The amazing thing with Pinnacle is that I rarely ever send a coin back, and I do not believe that even one of those was a coin you recommended.

    Bob B.

  • Once again, Pinnacle proves its superiority. Great coin, fair pricing and a website image that's dead on! Kathleen's personable and professional service is a role model for the coin industry.

    Greg M.

  • As I went through boxes, I could easily say this is terrific and has the Pinnacle look. You know what I like; have an outstanding eye and have given me excellent examples.

    Ron S.

  • Coin arrived this afternoon and it is gorgeous. In-hand appearance a perfect match for your photo, something not too common in the coin world, as I have learned to my chagrin. Thank you for your exceptional service and quality coins.

    Stephen H.

  • I received the coins today and I am absolutely thrilled with them! I applaud your exceptionally professional service and the neat/careful packaging, it was much appreciated!

    John B.

  • I will again state you are the only honest dealer out there.

    Dan D.

  • Just wanted to thank you, Kathleen, for the great service. I've now ordered several coins from you folks and been pleased with each one. I believe your website coin imaging is second-to-none.

    Terry D.

  • Just wanted you to know what a great experience I have had with you and your staff at Pinnacle.

    Henry H.

  • Pinnacle is the best rare coin business anywhere, and you are the best dealer to work with.

    Tom M.